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Nov 25, 2013 18:35   by  CBC

Does it make sense to hire a business consultant, a friend asked me several years ago. I could feel that he was not really open to the idea because hiring someone who has never worked in the company before was just not his thing. Nevertheless, I recommended my friend to give it a try. Even more so after he told me that he needs consulting support for a project in China. This was a country he was not familiar with, let alone did he know something about the business culture or the language. Eventually, my friend ended up hiring a Chinese Consulting Companies to help him with his project, and it turned out to be a success.


Feb 18, 2016 18:21   by  CBC

China's procurement market continues on the rise! China has the technology and the know-how for the production of complex goods for many years, and now Chinese economy benefits greatly of it. In the upcoming years, China sourcing will continue to gain importance, especially for those companies with activities in regards of expanding on the Chinese market. Cooperation Will take place most often within the private sector with Chinese suppliers. Although these have usually a smaller company size than the governmental alternative, they are more flexible and have a higher potential for close cooperation and long-term relationships. In addition, their performance in terms of dimensions such as delivery reliability, quality, etc.can be valued a little Better than the performance of government suppliers. Sourcing in China is feasible for goods of varying complexity. For complex goods China has a head start over other Asian countries: due to many years of experience, it has the technical equipment and the competence for its production and may here thus offer better products than its competitors.